Brydn is down to earth, loves working with people. He believes that hiring a photographer or videographer should be an experience, not just taking some photos, churning them out without much care and never speaking to you again. Brydn’s aim? To make long lasting relationships with his clients, so that as they progress onto multiple projects, you have someone you can trust to produce your content consistently, with a little bit of fun to go with it. 

Booking photos and video separately can be a real pain. So why not use somebody who can take your entire project brief, and create multiple types of content for you to use and share. 

Brydn has been been photographing for over 8 years and has worked for a video agency for over 5 years now. This has helped him to adapt his skills and enabled him to take projects from start to finish. From pre-production, to directing video, photographing and editing the final products, Brydn has you in safe hands. 

Every booking Brydn takes begins with a free consultation to gage into what you're looking to produce, whether that’s over the phone or in-person. 

I look forward to hearing from you and bringing your vision to life!


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